DWAIL Scientific

DWAIl scientific is a vertical of DWAIL , focusing on design and development of scientific equipment and instruments for academic and commercial research groups. 

Wireless inertial measurement Unit
Rotary dynamic kit
Sensor data comprehension
Mechanism Design and Simulation
FEA analysis
Herbal leaf separator
Poha industrial Automation
Research on germination


DWAIL Agri is the vertical of DWAIL with focus on Agri-tech product and service projects for Agri-tech research. 


DWAIL Consilium3D

DWAIL Consilium 3D is the vertical of DWAIL with focus on product design innovation. We undertake product development services through this vertical

Commercial design research-Appliance
Commercial design research- Kiosks
Commercial design research- sci. eq.
Commercial design research - custom
Commercial design research furniture
Commercial design research kiosk