First product build

Customer interaction for sports idea
Fund Raising - Winner of Nidhi Prayas scheme
Development of POC for sports analytic sensor
AI, Mech., Embedded
Anirudh graduates and Aaqib quits work to start-up 
Co-founders Anirudh and Aaqib meet at Krispy Kreme, Jayanagar 
First pivot from 3D printing services to design services
Development of seed germinator and  fogponic systems  embracing first product failures

Then there were two


Business failure of Playmetrix
Too ahead in tech curve
Empowered MSMEs with engineering design
Pivot to service mode of operations
Developed automated height adjustable tables
Developed sanitary napkin dispensers
Developed wireless industrial weighing scales
Developed retail self checkout kiosks
Developed mobile verification systems for self checkout systems

DWAIL Agriculture

Product inquiry for agriculture farm equipment
Onboarded Naveen Hiremath
Co-founders alignment towards a greater societal impact
Winning Elevate 2018
Customer discovery and pivot to localization of a global solution
Birth of Pneumatic Separator
Separation of Services and Products Company
Customer Discovery for development of food processing line
Applied for funding to develop farm eq. for an American company
Failure of financial agreement with the American company
Birth of Cotton fiber decorticator

DWAIL incubated at Deshpande Startups

Birth of

DWAIL Services LLP